About Us

Dawn Wattie is a business lawyer based in Greater Vancouver.

Her practice provides legal advice and dispute resolution services to enterprises engaged in bringing innovative products and services to the market.

Dawn works with companies that require advice and problem solving to steer their path to the market and customers.

DWLC is about building a strategic and proactive relationship with clients to understand their business, their innovation and be committed to their long-term success.


DWLC delivers legal and dispute resolution services which demonstrate that:

  1. Value is derived from a client relationship that is built on trust;
  2. Understanding a client’s business and how it innovates leads to effective strategies to the market and customers;
  3. Planning and strategic thinking lead to successful business outcomes;
  4. Effective problem-solving leads to cost savings and deescalates business conflicts.

Please visit my profile on LinkedIn for more detailed information about my experience and to assist you in determining if I might be a good fit for you as a business lawyer or for dispute resolution services.