Becoming a Client

Prospective clients often have questions about the process of engaging a business lawyer and how that relationship gets started.

Here’s a brief explanation of my process after you’ve made your initial appointment:

[1] Meeting:

Our initial discussion is no-charge. We’ll  explore the following:

  • Discuss what your business is about
  • Assess how I may be able to assist you
  • Decide whether or not this is a good fit for you and your business
  • Ensure that there is no conflict of interest with other individuals or entities.

[2] Client Information:

If the fit is good and you wish to engage me to provide legal services, then I prepare the following:

  • Client Information Sheet – We collect your contact information (name, address, email, telephone number, and area of law) – which you consent to provide personal information for the provision of legal services only.
  • Retainer Letter – This sets out my fees and any other charges arising from the legal services to be provided and explains how my office interacts with you as a client.  The Law Society of British Columbia requires that I complete a client verification process by asking you to supply two pieces of identification, one of which must be a picture identification.

[3] Legal Services:

I will then begin to provide legal services based on a series of tasks and activities agreed to by both parties (after discussing the range of fees for such work).