Post-incorporation is more complicated than you might think


By Dawn Wattie, Surrey Business Lawyer

Securing an incorporation certificate and having your signed Incorporation Agreement, Articles and consent(s) to act as directors does not mean the company is in operation.

To be fully operational, the directors and shareholders have to:

  • Complete the set up of corporate records and minute book.
  • Set up accounting records.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Use their business number to obtain GST and or PST numbers.
  • Get a business permit and WCB assessment number.
  • Pass incorporation resolutions and first director resolutions to issue shares.
  • Complete purchase of incorporator shares and issue share certificates.
  • Prepare shareholder and director registries.
  • Understand the annual requirements to maintain the company in good standing with the Corporate Registry.

With all these post-incorporation requirements, it is important to consider getting assistance or completing a review of the requirements of the Business Corporations Act.

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