White Rock Wills and Estates Lawyer

DWLC can assist you with preparing your estate and ensuring that the requirements are followed for the Wills Act and Power of Attorney Act, Wills Variation Act and Wills Estate Succession Act, formerly Estate Administration Act.  

Preparing a Will and Estate Planning may seem simple and straight forward however, there are several Acts as mentioned above that need to be considered when preparing your estate documents. Our office will work with you to ensure that your estate reflects your specific requirements and wishes.

Here are some reasons why you may consider drafting a will:

  • Having someone you trust handle your affairs
  • Ensuring your family receives the gifts you have allocated
  • Choosing your children’s guardian and ensuring their needs are met
  • Choosing your executor
  • Reducing the tax implications
  • Choosing charities that you wish to have benefit
  • Providing information about your wishes for celebration of life and request burial preference
  • Reducing risk of conflict
  • Making requests regarding your end of life wishes