White Rock Estate Planning Lawyer

DWLC can assist you with all your Estate Planning needs including the following:

  • Preparing wills
  • Probate planning under the Wills Variation Act www.bclaws.ca
  • Trusts Management for a variety of circumstance such as asset protection, probate avoidance, tax planning and distribution
  • Executor appointments including the use of professional and trust companies
  • Outlining duties for Trustees
  • Cohabitation and Marital Agreements

Planning and Dealing with Incapacity:

  • Prepare Power of Attorney or POA (finance)
  • Prepare Representation Agreements (health) previously called a Living Will
  • Advise attoney’s of duties


Not Legal Advice: The information on our website is for information only and should not be taken as legal advice.  Professional legal advice should always be sought in all areas discussed on this website.