“Having Dawn Wattie as our corporate counsel and advisor has long benefited us with a unique combination of strengths: Dawn’s solid understanding of the law and practices governing the industry, and her effortless ability to relate to her clients with clarity and empathy.” – Roberto Racca, Ph.D., Jasco Applied Sciences

“Dawn has been involved with setting up and guiding us through our now relatively medium-size business!  I was so impressed, I also work with DWLC on my own corporate entity and personal legal needs including various agreements, tax and other advice.  Being a business owner is many things: high-pressure, dynamic, quick-moving and demanding. Dawn is the secret ingredient: she is responsive, informed, forward-thinking and highly effective.   We couldn’t do it without her, she’s an incredible partner.”  – Erika Alm, Erika Lindsey Inc.

“Dawn Wattie’s Law Firm has done an outstanding job providing accurate and professional legal advice to ImmunoPrecise Antibodies (IPA) since 1998. During this time, Dawn has reviewed and amended all of IPA’s legal contracts, has provided prudent advise on Employee HR issues and has restructured IPA, so that the Shareholders receive the most favorable tax rate. I would highly recommend Dawn Wattie’s Law Firm to any company looking for high quality professional legal representation.” – Rob Beecroft, CEO & Founder ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd.

“Phoenix Society, is a community-based not for profit organization. As Executive Director I worked with Dawn Wattie Law Corporation (DWLC) on the implementation of the new BC Employment Program. DWLC’s experience is not only highly professional but attuned to the needs of a not for profit service provider that delivers employment and job training services.” – Michael Wilson, Executive Director, Phoenix Society.